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Buy Spanish Non Resident Tax Forms and We Make the Payment

The price is for 1 or 2 owners.  Just a little extra for more owners.

Using this option allows you to request us to produce your non-resident Modelo 210 tax forms and to make the payment on your behalf.  You can buy the forms and make payments for one or more tax years and also tell us about the number of owners that the property has.  

To purchase your non-resident Modelo 210 tax forms and instruct us to make the payments on your behalf, make your selection below and complete all the required information.

For details of how to complete this form, see the information buttons or the full description lower down on this page.

Forms and the payment of the tax for each year costs the same whether there are one or two owners, with just small, extra amounts payable where there are 3 or 4 owners.

You will need the NIE and date of birth of each property owner and also the Catastral Value of the Property.   For details of how to find the Catastral Value for your property please visit our FAQs page here.

The total price will be calculated and all the necessary details collected to allow us to produce your forms which will be emailed to you as PDFs before the end of the next business working day.

When we send the forms to you we will inform you of the total amount that is to be paid to the Spanish Tax Authorities.  We will provide details of our secure Client bank account along with an individual reference, and ask that you to pay the amount of the tax into the account.  We will then pay the tax on your behalf and provide full receipt details by PDF as soon as this is complete.  We will complete this before the end of the next business day after your payment.

Please note that the tax needs to be paid within 30 days of the tax forms being produced.  If payment is not made within 30 days the reference provided will no longer be valid and cannot be accepted by the tax authorities.  You will need to ensure that payment of funds is made into our Client account promptly in order for us to meet this deadline.

For full details of our Terms of Service see here