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June 01, 2023 2 min read

Property Tax For Non-Resident Homeowners in Spain – Modelo 210

Non-resident property tax, known as Modelo 210, needs to be paid annually by non-resident property owners in Spain. You are a non-resident if you do not have residencia in Spain or if you live for more than 183 days outside of Spain. All nationalities need to pay the tax – both EU and non-EU residents.

This tax needs to be paid each year you own the property and must be paid by 31 December the following year. For example, the Modelo 210 property tax for 2022 needs to be paid on or before 31 December 2023. The tax is payable by each owner of the property - so if there are two owners of the property each owner must pay 50% of the tax due.

The amount due is calculated based upon a percentage of the Catastral value of your property - there are different rates for EU and non-EU residents. It still needs to be paid even if you do not receive rental income from your Spanish property. 

Non-resident property owners in Spain usually fall into one of three categories:

  • Fully aware of the tax and pay it on time each year - they need to ask themselves if they are receiving value for money and use the easiest, least effort service.
  • Aware of the tax but have never quite got around to paying it – maybe it is time to sort it out in an affordable and uncomplicated way.
  • Unaware of the need to pay this tax – these newcomers to the tax should look for an inexpensive, and simple route to start paying.

Everyone should look to find the most cost-effective and stress-free route to paying this tax, whether it be by finding a cheaper alternative for this year’s payment or getting help to sort out previously missed payments.

Spanish Homeowner Tax is your local solution, and they are determined to bring their inexpensive and excellent customer service solution to you.